Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer at a glance

I know that we have been serious blog slackers lately. So I decided to just post a bunch of pictures of some of the things we have done this summer. We have had a great summer. Carter is so much fun to be around. He is super busy though. We can't leave him alone for a second. I swear he is always looking for trouble. We have had a lot of fun going to the zoo, children's museum, swimming, family trip to Idaho, family trip to Omaha, and hiking to name a few. We had a great summer, I am sad it is over. For Carters birthday in June we had a swimming/pizza party in my parents backyard. Carter loves to climb up on everything the only problem with that is he doesn't know how to get down yet. I am surprised this boy hasn't had stitches yet. It isn't a matter of if but when for him. He is such a dare devil. These pictures aren't in order sorry.


Richard and Emily said...

Love all your summer pictures. Can't believe it's basically over! I am excited for DC! I need to come visit, haven't seen Carter in too long!!


maryjane he is so dang cute and has gotten so big!!!! are you going to be in omaha at all for the holidays?