Saturday, August 30, 2008

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Is it just me or is everyone I know having a baby girl. Well it's the same way in my family. Carter is so lucky he has three cousins his age and guess what. They are all girls! I keep telling Carter he needs to teach them how to play with trucks and in the dirt versus them teach him how to play with dolls. Here is some pics of him and is cousins.
Carter was born in June, in the middle is Olivia born in August, and far right Jenna born in February. Bellow is all three of them. I can't believe Carter used to be the same size as Olivia look how much he has changed in just 10 weeks.

Jamie's sister Amber had a baby in August. So there it is his three cute girl cousins. These girls better not gain up against him. Carter Just had his two month appointment which was really sad because he hated his shots. He did ok during them but about four hours after he was so upset. Nothing a little infant tylenol couldn't fix though. Why didn't anyone tell me to give him tylenol before his appointment. So for his two month check up Carter is 24 inches tall (he grew four inches so FAST!) which is the 80% for his height. He weighs 12 pounds 15.5 ounces 70% for weight, and his head is in the 50%.


Brooke and Jason said...

hooray Welcome to blogging!

Holli said...

hey maryjane, how are you? carter is so cute!! he is a big boy!! dallin is so little compared to him. anyway welcome to the blogging world, so fun huh, i enjoy doing it. i hope you are doing good!!!

The Bells said...

since when did you get a blog little missy!? I am so happy! Carter is growing so fast! Holy cow! I am getting a little ancy and nervous! Only 3 weeks away now! Love and miss you!

Amy Buff said...

Yippee! So Cute! Your blog looks great and your slacker friend Amy didn't even need to help!

daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

MJ it's Abby Clawson. Came across your blog and wnted to say "hi" and congrats! Your little boy is so cute! Hope you don't mind if I check in and say "hi".
Glad you are doing well!!

erin said...

I'm so happy we found each other in cyberspace. You are in Salt Lake and so are let's get together. Congrats on your cute baby boy!! I want to see him.